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Genoa is a big city, the fifth largest in Italy and has more than 550 thousand inhabitants. Its port is among the most important European ports and has been one of the main industrial centers in Italy from the post-war period to today. But despite this and thanks to the particular conformation of its territory squeezed between the sea and the Apennines, Genoa is also a city of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. It is the first metropolitan city in Italy for the percentage of land covered by trees, as much as 72%, with nature trails just a few steps from the hilly districts. Its city beaches are amazing and become real pearls in the immediate vicinity of the city, with crystal clear waters surrounded by greenery. Genoa and its province, excluding the port areas, boast almost 50 km of coast, characterized by seaside villages and pebble and sandy beaches, cliffs and inlets famous all over the world, such as the Golfo Paradiso and the splendid Portofino.

On you will find everything you need to plan your holiday in Genoa and its province. Ideas and tips on places to visit and itineraries to discover Genoa’s alleys, city center and districts (complete with video tours). The seaside villages close to Genoa and the hinterland with a collection of hiking paths and excursions to do in Genoa and its surroundings. The villas and urban parks, the Palazzi dei Rolli Unesco Heritage Site in the Historical Center, the museums of Genoa and a section dedicated to the history of Genoa (with lots of video on our YouTube channel). On this site you will also find guides on Genoese cuisine, typical Ligurian dishes and recipes, Genoa nightlife and the most beautiful beaches.

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