Via Venti Settembre

Main artery of the center of Genoa, Via XX Settembre connects Piazza De Ferrari and the Brignole Station area
Via Venti Settembre from Ponte Monumentale, Genoa

To visit Genoa on foot from the Brignole station, Via Venti Settembre is the starting point. It is the main street in the Genoa’s city centre, with lots of shops and boutique for the shopping. Starts in Piazza De Ferrari and ends in the Brignole station area.

It was completed in 1897, features impressive Art Nouveau buildings and elements ranging from Mannerism architecture to Florentine Gothic. The street numbers 2 and 23 were designed by the famous architect Gino Coppedé.

Ponte Monumentale dominates via Venti Settembre. From here you can visit the underground Genoa (must book guided tours with professionals). Ten thousand skeletons have been lying in wait in a stone grave for over 400 years, thus witnessing the terrible plague that slaughtered Genoa’s population in 1656. Even the old city walls can be found there.

Things to see in Genoa

Genoa, Doge's palace

Doge’s Palace

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San Lorenzo Cathedral

The Cathedral of Genoa is located in Via/ Piazza San Lorenzo, the main street of the Historical Center of Genoa that connects Palazzo Ducale and the Porto Antico area

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Genoa's Ancient Port

Porto Antico

The area that houses the Aquarium of Genoa is now one of the most popular places in the city and an excellent starting point for visiting the Old Town

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