Porto Antico

The area that houses the Aquarium of Genoa is now one of the most popular places in the city and an excellent starting point for visiting the Old Town
Genoa's Ancient Port

The Porto Antico (Genoa’s Ancient Port) is a seafront area of m2 130,000 a few steps from the Historical Center of Genoa which became part of the city after 1992, when the Genoese architect Renzo Piano designed a restoration of the ancient port for the celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of the Discovery of America.

The Porto Antico hosts the famous Aquarium of Genoa, the Bigo (a panoramic elevator, the symbol of the Porto Antico area; its height reaches 40 metres whilst it provides an unforgettable view of the city), the Biosfera (a miniature tropical ecosystem with different species of plants and animals), the Città dei Bambini (Kids’ City) and the promenade dedicated to the memory of the Genoese singer Fabrizio De André (show more about the Genoese singer-songwriters), which leads to the barge island viewpoint with its floating benches at the foot of the Lighthouse.

The Piazza delle Feste lies at Bigo’s feet: the area hosts exhibitions and concerts (from December to March it turns into an ice-skating rink). In the Molo Vecchio, the old dock area called Magazzini del Cotone (the medieval port’s original aspect coincided with the natural basin which today corresponds to the heart of Porto Antico, go to the historical insight) a outdoor swimming pool is located from June to September, as well as a multiplex.

The Porto Antico area is also one of the center of Genoa’s nightlife with a lot of clubs, pubs and restaurants.

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