Genoa nightlife

What to do at night

Discover where to go at night in the alleys of Genoa to enjoy the nightlife of the Old Town, where to find the most popular clubs in Genoa. All Genoese nightlife areas from east to west

Old Town nightlife, Ancient Port and clubs

The alleys of Genoa are the heart of the nightlife in the city. Every weekend in the Old Town is thousands of people of all ages enjoy the city center, which offers a wide choice of things to do in the evening for aperitif, dinner and after dinner (and even late at night, although the clubs in the alleys are not many). The heart of the nightlife is the famous Piazza delle Erbe, which represent meeting point par excellence.

A few steps from Palazzo Ducale and Porta Soprana, the square is close to all other areas of the nightlife. Starting from the Erbe (one with the adjacent Luzzati Gardens), you can easily reach San Donato and San Bernardo (and the nearby Piazza Embriaci and Via delle Grazie), Sarzano (and Via Ravecca), Canneto il Lungo (and the nearby Via Chiabrera).

Starting from Piazza delle Erbe, crossing via San Lorenzo, you reach via Scurreria, Piazza delle Vigne (and the nearby piazza Lepre) and via Luccoli. One of the peculiarities of the Genoese nightlife is that in many cases they are historical premises. It will not be rare, between a cocktail and another, to come across medieval walls and vaults, particular period furnishings, stone rooms and ravines with hundreds and hundreds of years behind. Especially in the area of San Bernardo (and in the nearby Alabardieri, San Cosimo and Grazie), but the historical premises are really scattered throughout the Old Town.

Another focal point of the Genoese nightlife is the Porto Antico (Ancient Port), which always offers many things to do, from aperitif to dinner to outdoor clubs with sea views. Clubs and discos in Genoa are mainly located outside the historic center. As for the city center in particular in the areas of Via XII Ottobre and Piazza Dante. In the district of Sampierdarena, especially Latin and gay friendly music, Foce area (over 40) and Corso Italia.

Genoa's summer nightlife

In the summer season the choice of things to do in Genoa in the evening is wider, the waterfront and the Genoese beaches come alive with the opening of the bars that offer aperitifs by the sea with the many beach clubs and discos open until late at night.

The most popular area is that of Corso Italia with its famous discos throughout the city, especially in the area of Punta Vagno and Lungomare Lombardo (here not only the weekend, but also on Thursday evening there is a lot of movement). Staying in the vicinity of Corso Italia, the village of Boccadasse and the pool area of Albaro (via Gobetti) are the meeting points par excellence for the aperitif and pre-party.

In the east part of the city, a very popular spot in the evening also the Porticciolo di Nervi with its bars and restaurants, great for a pre-party if you want to continue the night in a club of the Promenade of Nervi that put music until the early hours of the morning. Always in Levante for a long aperitif or a chill evening you can go to Priaruggia, Sturla and, especially on Sundays, to the terraces of the Monumento di Quarto.

In the center the Porto Antico stands out as point of reference even in summer with the outdoor rooms facing the sea that put music until three at night. The alleys of the Old Town are a bit depopulated on summer weekends, but until June the clubs are open and, however, even in the middle of summer you will always find locals and movement.

In the western part of the city, the summer evenings have as reference above all the promenade of Pegli with several beach clubs, jointly with nice bars in Voltri which serves aperitifs at few steps from the beach.