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In Genoa you can eat a wide variety of typical Italian dishes (pasta, ravioli, focaccia), also this city boasts a traditional cuisine with ancient origins. Being a seaside town you can taste many fish dishes, but the Genoese cuisine is not only this. Its peculiarity, which reflects the characteristics of the Ligurian territory, is the strong mixture of sea dishes and dishes of land.

Genoa is famous all over the world for Pesto. This green sauce reaches its best when paired with trofie, gnocchi or lasagna. At a Genoese restaurant you always find also Pansoti with nut sauce and Ravioli with “tuccu” sauce. Genoese Focaccia, Recco’s Cheese Focaccia and Farinata are others typical foods, like Stockfish and Genoese “Cima”. Here are all the dishes to eat in Genoa. A collection of local Ligurian dishes, tips and recipes from Genoa.


Chickpeas flour, water and virgen extra olive oil. This is farinata, a simple recipe, a masterpiece of Genoese cousine

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Buridda of cuttlefish

This typical Genoa’s food with cuttlefish is a dish based on fish and vegetables, with a rather simple preparation. Here the Genoese recipe

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