Places to visit in Genoa

Ideas and tips for your holiday in Genoa. Here you can find the most beautiful places to visit in Genoa, things to see and all the sights. The alleys and buildings of the historical center, the Ancient Port (Porto Antico), the cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Palazzi dei Rolli Unesco Heritage Site, the Doge’s Palace and on the seaside Nervi and Boccadasse. Find more on

Genoa's Ancient Port

Porto Antico

The area that houses the Aquarium of Genoa is now one of the most popular places in the city and an excellent starting point for visiting the Old Town

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Genoa, Doge's palace

Doge’s Palace

Home to exhibitions and cultural events, the Palazzo Ducale is a meeting place in the center of Genoa and a perfect starting point to visit the center of Genoa and the Old City

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San Lorenzo Cathedral

The Cathedral of Genoa is located in Via/ Piazza San Lorenzo, the main street of the Historical Center of Genoa that connects Palazzo Ducale and the Porto Antico area

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Via Balbi, Palazzo Reale

Balbi / Palazzo Reale

Via Balbi is a seventeenth-century street with its UNESCO world heritage buildings. It is located a short walk from Principe station and close to the Ferry Terminal / Maritime Station

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