Corso Italia promenade

Genoa's seaside promenade, is among the main streets of the city and the center of nightlife in summer

Corso Italia is the seaside promenade of Genoa and connects the center with the east of the city as far as the famous Boccadasse borough.

In the summer season it is also one of the centers of Genoese nightlife, with cocktail bars and discos for the night.

The works for the opening of the promenade began in the early 1900s. Where Corso Italia now stands, the slopes of the Albaro hill reached directly to the sea, among cultivated terraces, noble villas and religious buildings. The Abbey of San Giuliano (year 1240) remains as evidence of the past, spared from demolition and today the seat of the Casa dei Cantautori / Singer-songwriters’ Home (show more about the Genoese singer-songwriters).

The historic Bagni Lido date back to the years of construction of Corso Italia and shortly after, in 1925, the villa Canali-Gaslini in art-deco style by the famous architect Gino Coppedè.

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