Annunziata del Vastato church

One of the things to see in Genoa, S. Annunziata del Vastato is a 16th century church example of baroque art in Genoa. The sumptuous interior houses gold decorations and works of art
Annunziata Vastato church, Genoa

The Annunziata del Vastato church is certainly one of the churches to visit in Genoa, is located in Piazza della Nunziata in the Old Town of Genoa, surrounded by the Palazzi dei Rolli, a few steps from Via Balbi and Principe station.

Characterized by the neoclassical facade with the pronaos with six columns in Ionic style built in the nineteenth century by the famous Genoese architect Carlo Barabino, the church is actually much older. Its first construction dates back to the sixteenth century, but was finished only in the middle of the following century thanks to the financing of the Lomellini family. Inside there are the decorations in pure gold of the dome and the central nave, the valuable works in marble, the paintings of the Genoese Baroque by Giovanni and Giovanni Battista Carlone and the frescoes in the dome by Andrea Ansaldo.

The Annunziata del Vastato church was badly damaged during the bombings of the Second World War and completely restored only in the eighties of the last century.

The name “Vastato”, today we would say probably “open space”, is due to the characteristics of the area where the church was erected (go to the historical insight).

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