Piazza Delle Vigne

Piazza in the heart of the Old City overlooked by one of the oldest churches in Genoa
Piazza delle Vigne, Genoa Old City

Piazza delle Vigne, dominated by the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Vigne, is located in the historical center of Genoa, between the areas of ​​Soziglia and San Luca.

The Palazzi dei Rolli Domenico Grillo and Agostino Doria (not included in the Unesco list) overlook the square.

The church was built in the 11th century on a primitive sixth century parish. It is one of the oldest churches in Genoa. Remodeled over time, the bell tower has never been touched and still retains its Romanesque features. It is clearly visible from the nearby Piazza della Lepre (check out the route).

The name (vigne means “vineyards”) derives from the fact that in the Carolingian era the area was located outside the city walls, in an area full of vineyards.

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