ViadelCampo 29rosso

Free entrance museum dedicated to Fabrizio De Andre' and other Genoese artists
Viadelcampo29rosso - Fabrizio de Andre' Museum

ViadelCampo29rosso – Museum dedicated to Fabrizio De Andre’ in via del Campo, old town of Genoa.

Free entrance museum dedicated to Fabrizio De Andre’ and other Genoese artists (Bindi, Tenco, Paoli, Lauzi, Fossati).

LPs, old newspapers, posters, multimedia installations and memorabilia, among which Esteve, Fabrizio De André’s famous guitar.

Guided tours of the old part of the city, educational activities and events can be organised.

Guided tours

Focused on unusual and fascinating stories of the old town told by the “cantautori”, the guided tours take place every 1st and 3rd Saturday .
Prices: Adults € 12,00, 0-12 fratis. Reservation recommended, info and booking + 39 010 2474064


For schools and families, the workshops aim to stimulate learning and fun from the music.
Through events, readings and concerts, we promote the musical and cultural heritage of Genoa. Our work aim to strengthen the links between the town and its musical and poetic traditions.
You can purchase books, cd, dvd, scorse, long play records,  exclusive merchandising about Genoese artists.


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