Viewpoint Spianata Castelletto

The famous viewpoint overlooking the Old Town from the hill of Castelletto
Genoa Old Town from Castelletto Viewpoint

You can reach the Castelletto viewpoint and its enchanting view on the Genoa Old Town, on foot from via Garibaldi/piazza della Meridiana (check out the route) from piazza del Portello (via Caffaro/San Gerolamo) or with the Portello-Castelletto lift.

Your gaze will fall on the luxurious palaces of Strada Nuova (learn more), the skyscrapers of the modern centre and the roofs of the Old Town from which the Vigne’s and Cathedral’s bell towers stand out: behind it, the Castello hill with the Tower of the Embriaci. Then further away to the Ancient Port and the Lighthouse.

Things to see in Genoa

Via Balbi, Palazzo Reale

Balbi / Palazzo Reale

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