Genoa’s Lighthouse (Lanterna)

Symbol of Genoa, the Lighthouse can be reached on foot thanks to the walk on the port that starts from the Ferry Terminal

The Lighthouse (Lanterna in Italian) is the symbol of Genoa. It can be visited and is easily reached from the Ferry Terminal/ Maritime Station thanks to a pedestrian path that leads to the entrance of the lighthouse. It houses the Lighthouse Museum.

It stands out on the small hill which once was the last segment of the massive promonotory. The first report of the existence of a spotting tower dates back to 1128 (go to the historical insight).

Today the Lighthouse of Genoa still lights up city’s seaside by signalling the position of the port to incoming ships every 20 seconds. The city has changed, but in spite of that the Lighthouse continues to light up Genoa’s sea every 20 seconds. Its silhouette still stands against a backdrop of land, sea and sky, and makes Genoa “the city in the shadow of the Lighthouse”.

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