Characteristic fishing village, is one of the most known and visited places of Genoa

Boccadasse is a iconic places and one of the most famous things to see in Genoa. The particular conformation, with its colored houses perched on the sea, has remained practically unchanged for at least three hundred years.

It can be easily reached from Corso Italia (check out the route 9) which has its natural outlet in Belvedere Edoardo Firpo, the terrace that dominates this ancient fishing borough.

Genoese people never get tired of this enchanted spot. It is both the pride of old and youth, a place of inspiration for painters and artists. With its beach, restaurants and clubs on the sea, Boccadasse is always very popular especially on weekend evenings and summer/spring Sundays, but also during the week and winter months.

A few steps from the beach, along the typical crêuza (a Genoese word more or less equivalent to “mule track”) between the houses of the borough, you reach the belvedere of Santa Chiara and the wonderful view of the Portofino promontory.

Things to see in Genoa

Genoa's Ancient Port

Porto Antico

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Via Balbi, Palazzo Reale

Balbi / Palazzo Reale

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San Matteo, Genoa

Piazza San Matteo

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