Doge’s Palace

Home to exhibitions and cultural events, the Palazzo Ducale is a meeting place in the center of Genoa and a perfect starting point to visit the center of Genoa and the Old City
Genoa, Doge's palace

The Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) is located between the Historical Center of Genoa and Piazza De Ferrari, the heart of the modern city. The majestic facade and the main entrance overlook Piazza Matteotti, while a wing and the secondary entrance overlook Piazza De Ferrari (go to routes 4 and 6 of our city guide).

The Mannerist-style appearance of the Doge’s Palace facade and the stupendous halls of the Maggiore Consiglio (Major Council) and the Minor Consiglio (Minor Council) are the pride of the building together with the fourteenth-century Grimaldina Tower (Torre Grimaldina) and its visitable prisons.

It was built starting from the end of the 13th century and in 1339 became the official seat of the Doge. He could not get out of the building except for celebrations during which he made his public appearance (go to historical insight).

Today Palazzo Ducale is home to reviews, exhibitions, cultural and commercial events (here more info) and has established itself over the years as a reference center for the city.

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