Piazza San Matteo

Medieval square in the heart of Genoa preserved in its original appearance. It is located a short walk from Piazza De Ferrari and Palazzo Ducale
San Matteo, Genoa

Among the places to visit in Genoa in the area of Piazza De Ferrari and the Doge’s Palace you can not miss Piazza San Matteo, a small jewel in the Old Town of Genoa. It was the heart of the area occupied by the Doria family. It was completed in the middle of the 13th century and hosted the family palaces (Lamba Doria and Branca Doria) and the San Matteo church.

The palaces, church and entire square are characterized by the black and white color typical of the Genoese Middle Ages (alternating of marble and slate) and are perfectly preserved.

The Cloister (behind Palazzo Branca Doria and adjacent to the church), was built in 1308. It is a splendid example of medieval architecture.

The last of the Dorian palaces in Piazza San Matteo, dates back to 1486 (stands on the side in front of the church) and in the 1500s will be donated to Doge Andrea Doria as Father of the Homeland.

On the square also overlook the palaces Giorgio Doria (of the fifteenth century) and Doria – Danovaro, both part of the list of Rolli (although excluded from the UNESCO site).

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