Creuza de Ma’ Pesto

Creuza de Ma' Pesto Arenzano Genova
Creuza de Ma pesto

Creuza de Ma’ Pesto – Arenzano

Creuza de Ma’ brings back to life the Genoese tradition: with their Pesto prepared using the most traditional of the receipts: Pesto gets frozen in small portions creating The Emeralds.

It is prepared in frozen in convenient bowls, that will be used to dress one pasta portion each (about 150 gr. of dry pasta).


Genoese pesto, glass jar 90 grammes with PDO genoese basil , PDO Oliv oil (extravergine)  Riviera Ligure –East coast

Genoese pesto, glass jar 130 grammes with PDO genoese basil , PDO Oliv oil (extravergine)  Riviera Ligure –East coast

The Emeralds: genoese pesto with PDO genoese basil, PDO Oliv oil (extravergine)  Riviera Ligure –East coast 240 grammes,  single-dose bowls

La Focacceria della Piazza

La Focacceria della Piazza – Bogliasco This old bakery located in Bogliasco was born in 1958: beyond the fresh bread and the always warm focaccia, it offers delicious ligurian entrances,

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Apicultura Piccardo – Mielaus

Apicultura Piccardo-Mielaus – historical centre Honey from the Piccardo beekeepers has carefully been produced with attention to quality for years. The “Mielaus” project is the latest novelty in 2003/2004. In

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Caprifoglio Herbalist shop

Caprifoglio herbalist shop

Caprifoglio herbalist shop – Pegli Close to Pegli’s train station, a herbalist’s shop where you can find organic foods, natural beauty products, vitamin supplements, infusions which will regenerate your body

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Tintoria Chic Bogliasco dry cleaner

Tintoria Chic – Dry cleaner

Tintoria Chic – Dry cleaner – Bogliasco 4F. System Chic, pre-wash additives, antibacterial wash, curtain assembling and disassembling, leather, fur, carpet wash and safekeeping, tailor services, linen wash. Card payment,

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