Antico Forno Patrone


Antico Forno Patrone – historical centre

A historical bakery in Genoa since 1920, it is renowned for its typical Genoese focaccia.

Antico Forno Patrone – historical center

Located in via Ravecca, close to Porta Soprana, it produces various types of bread, from classic bread to those prepared with organic flour, typical Genoese focaccia in its onion, sage, fresh vegetables varieties.

For those who love sweets, a wide range of fresh and dry pastries is available every day. At Christmas you must taste the Genoese panettone, a speciality of this bakery.

It is run by Mario and Luca Travaglini. Recently, the bakery has been widened and restored in an ancient Genoese style with white tiles, exposed red brickwork and slate. Shelves and stools have been placed to allow clients to taste sweet and salty delicacies inside the shop.

The bakery also offers a wide selection of culinary specialities with accurately selected ingredients. They are ideal for a quick but tasty lunch break to be had inside the bakery or in the office.

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