Il Pesto di Pra’ di Bruzzone e Ferrari

Il Pesto di Pra' di Bruzzone e Ferrari
Pesto di Pra' Genova

Il Pesto di Pra’ di Bruzzone e Ferrari – Genova Pra’

Since 1827 we have been growing basil in Pra’, the most valuable variety in Liguria highly renowned due its delicate flavour and intense taste, on terrace fields of our farming firm “Serre sul Mare”.

Pesto is prepared following the traditional recipe with this excellent ingredient. Meet us and visit the glasshouses, find out about basil farming and get to know Pesto di Pra’, the authentic Genoese pesto.


-Genoese pesto  90/150/500/1000 grammes

-Genoese pesto without garlic 90/150/500/1000 grammes

-Walnut sauce 90/150/1000 grammes

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