Bakery La Marinetta

Bakery La Marinetta
La Marinetta Bakery Genova Voltri

Bakery La Marinetta – Voltri

The focaccia from La Marinetta is famous all over the world. Genoese poet Petrucci dedicated a poem to this Genoese delicacy, the salt grains of which look like the pearls of a necklace.

It offers genoese focaccia, farinata, panissa, typical vegetable cakes, genoese pandolce, canestrelli, savoiardi.


“A coa d’eujo a fugassa da Marinetta
e a scrosce allegra sott’a-i denti
feuggia a-a primma canson.
Gh’è Utri, Zena, a Liguria e o mondo;
e a coae de voeine ancon.
In ta goga mallann-a a grann-a da sa
a l’é na perla da collann-a”
(Vito Elio Petrucci – 1993)

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