Guano pastry shop

Canestrelli Torriglia, Guano pastry shop torriglia

Guano pastry shop – Torriglia

An amazing pastry shop in an ancient Roman village on the road between Genoa and the Po valley.

The famous canestrelli from Liguria are produced here. These short crust pastry rings sprinkled with powdered sugar were once used as the biscuits of local feasts. Today, they can be found everywhere.

No coloring agents or preservatives are added to our home-made, top-quality products.

Our two main products are: the Canestrelletto, typical from the area, and the baci di dama, which can either be white, produced by using gianduja cream, or brown with cocoa and a white chocolate filling.

If you are interested in selling our products in your shops, you can contact us.

We supply both small shops and large stores. Our Canestrelletto is Genoa C.F.C.’s official product, the oldest football club in Italy. Our product can be purchased at Genoa Store.

Our wide range of products is also available abroad.


-Canestrelletto from Torriglia: box (gift wrap) 300 grams and bag 500 grams
Baci di dama: plates da 250 g. e box (gift wrap) da 300 g.
Brutti ma buoni: bag 300 grams
Macaroons: bag 300 grams
Petit Four: plates from 250 grams
Mescolanza: bag 300 grams
Anicini/Lagaccio cookies: bag 300 grams
Tart: jam tart (apricot and cherry), gianduja tart; 500 grams

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