zupp-genovaZupp – historical centre

Zupp was created from the encounter between tradition and the modern rediscovery of authentic food.

Situated at the very heart of Genoa, our story started on 18 November 2013.

We are specialists. Cooking soups is our mission. We follow the recipes of Italy’s culinary tradition by using only quality products, and we strive to make every single dish unique.

We are young and determined. We have studied the history of Soup.

We find this dish very modern as it provides the perfect mix of ingredients for today’s lifestyle: it is healthy, sustainable and practical.

We are perfectionists. We only serve dishes that aim to surprise: good to taste and beautiful to see. We are passionate about what we do.

 A good soup is like a symphony where the cooking pot is the stage and every taste, every colour, every ingredient expresses itself only if it is in harmony with all of the others.

Our customers feel at home on a feast day. We have a concoction for all seasons: a shelter for the body in the cold winter, a triumph of perfumes and flavours in spring and a fresh refreshment in the sultry summer.

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