Nervi and Sant’Ilario trails

From Nervi and from the hilly area of ​​Sant'Ilario you can reach Moro and Fasce Mounts, Giugo and Cordona Mounts, as well as the beautiful lakes of Nervi

The Nervi district, in the East of Genoa, is famous for the sea, the Anita Garibaldi promenade and the beautiful parks. But in Nervi you can also explore lots of hiking trails. To visit Nervi we propose a route (check out the route 10) which touches on the main tourist attractions and, from Capolungo beach, climbs up to the hill of Sant’Ilario following the ancient path which takes the name of Salita alla Chiesa di Sant’Ilario. From the church of Sant’Ilario, starts Via dei Tasso or Via dei Marsano thet continue to climb until they become real trekking trails.

One of these leads up to the summit of Giugo Mount, a relatively short but rather steep route. It is surrounded by greenery and in most of the stretches exposed to the sun, offering beautiful openings on the gulf. From the top of Giugo (487m) the path (decidedly longer) continues towards Cordona Mount (crossing La Crocetta pass). The route runs alongside the wooded area and ends at 800m at the intersection with the Monte Fasce provincial road which connects the Genoese district of Apparizione (see route 9 and Monte Moro panoramic road) to the Sori hinterland. Along the route there are many diversions, almost all of which end on the provincial road, one of these leads not far from the top of Cordona, in the Case di Cordona area (735m), another connects with the Fontanaccia path, which crossing some wooded stretches it reaches the area of ​​Possuolo or Pozzuolo, the border of the municipalities of Sori and Bogliasco. Still starting from Via dei Tasso in Sant’Ilario, another fairly well-trodden path is that of Santa Maria Maddalena which crosses the wooded area above Sant’Ilario and leads to the small chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena surrounded by chestnut trees.

The Nervi hiking trails do not only start from Sant’Ilario. You can venture out on a hiking day starting directly from the Nervi district. The same path to Santa Maria Maddalena can also be taken from the church of San Rocco di Nervi, which is also the starting point to reach one of the most well-known destinations in the area, the Nervi lakes (or Molinetti), beautiful swimming pools on the Nervi river a few steps from the woods. The lakes can also be reached (the route is shorter) from via Superiore Torrente Nervi or from via del Commercio (once you reach the end of the street the vehicle road turns into a path).

From the Nervi overpass, sarts salita del Montetto which soon becomes a path and climbs up to the top of Moro Mount (408m). Once at the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and you can continue following the panoramic road of Monte Moro up to Apparizione, or along the paths and connect to the “bunkers’ path” as far as the Fasce Mount (832m).

This article is for information purposes only. We cannot guarantee the effective accessibility of all trails.

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