Pegli, Val Varenna: hiking trails and mountain bike

Val Varenna is one of the most beautiful areas of Genoa for trekking, mountain biking and bird watching. Land of ancient mills, it is located a few minutes from the Pegli district

The Pegli district in the West of Genoa is known for its seafront, favorable climate and the beautiful Villa Durazzo Pallavicini (check out the route 11 which from the Porto Antico “Ancient Port” of Genoa reaches Pegli by sea with the Navebus). But Pegli is also an excellent starting point of hiking trails. The paths climb the mountains behind the district and offer breathtaking views of the gulf and the mountains of Genoa. From Val Varenna to the nearby Monte Contessa (as far as the heights of Sestri Ponente district through Monte Spassoja, with the possibility of connecting to Monte Gazzo, go to the Gazzo path) and through the villages of Granara, Carpenara and San Carlo di Cese up to Punta Martin (at an altitude of one thousand meters) connecting with the thermal area of ​​Acquasanta in the hinterland of Voltri (go to the Acquasanta hiking trails). The heights between Pegli and Voltri are among the best if not the best area of ​​Genoa for hiking and trekking in the mountains.

The Val Varenna is an ancient land of mills, famous in the past for the production of chickpea flour, the main ingredient of farinata, one of the Ligurian dishes par excellence. You can reach it directly on foot from Pegli following the course of the stream (about twenty minutes from via Opisso) or with bus 71 to the Granara area and the historic “Molino di Pegli“, the last one still in operation. From the villa Pallavicini, keep left in Viale Pallavicini then left again in Via Opisso. Wait for the number 71 bus. Get off two stops after the old stony bridge and you will think you’re in the countryside, surely not in an area of a city of 600.000 inhabitants. Now take Via Granara and on your left you will be presented with the mill and the bucolic view of Passo De Rossi. From 7am to 4pm, from Monday to Friday, the mill is working. It is not a museum, but a business in full swing. The people you will find will are not there as tour guides… they are working! If you ask politely, you may be able to take a short visit to observe the creation of a product that has been a feature of this area for many years.

From the Molino, taking via Pola in the direction of Pegli, you can trekking towards the mountains by taking via Faone (going up on the right just before number 9) for an excursion on the heights crossing the woods up to Baixi. From Baixi the paths cross Pian delle Figlie (Cian de Figge) and Monte Riondo (712m) up to the summit of Monte Penello (998m) and from Penello in less than half an hour to Punta Martin (1001m). This area is really full of paths for lovers of trekking, mountain biking and bird watching, there are different solutions and you can plan the itinerary according to your possibilities/needs.

Always keeping the old mill and the locality of Granara as a reference, climbing the mountains on the other bank of the Varenna, you reach Monte Contessa. The path starts from via Pomà, climbs up to the Hermitage of Sant’Alberto on the heights of Multedo and continues on the ridge up to the peak of the Contessa (546m).

Another excellent starting point in Val Varenna for the paths towards Penello and Punta Martin and towards the Contessa are the towns of Carpenara and San Carlo di Cese, which can be reached by bus by continuing along the Varenna stream.

This article is for information purposes only. We cannot guarantee the effective accessibility of all trails

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