Carmine market restaurant – Mercato del Carmine

Carmine market restaurant GenovaCarmine market restaurant – Mercato del Carmine- historical center

Carmine market aims to be a city’s attraction pole by offering the best of Ligurian wine and food, in accordance with the principle of Good, Clean and Fair, through a wide range of services meeting the demands of the surrounding community and the entire city.

The philosohpy of Good, Cleand and Fair, shared and respected by every single member of the consortium, guarantees the direct origin of the goods from producers at a fair price; the strong points of the goods lie in taste and authenticity.

The market wants to restore the primacy of cultivation of products in their own season and educate users to healthy eating, thus reducing food waste.

The retailers who are members of the consortium are directly supplied by producers. This results in creating the first Ligurian short distribution line market through which, if the origin of the product is known, it is possible to trace the product and customers can know all of the features of the products they decide to purchase. This also promotes local businesses.

An important change that is worth noting within the new management is the part devoted to catering (B.Cafè Srl), which offers a service ranging from that typical of bars to that of restaurants, and takeaway food.

The aim is to serve and promote the products sold inside the market and more generally in Liguria by creating innovative recipes and educating consumers to the seasonality and sustainability of products.

With the goal of meeting the demands of the local community (local inhabitants, schools, offices and universities) caterers want to offer a quick service, unique in its kind.

It can also be consumed on the spot or taken away. The offices of the Regional Wine Promotion Board are located inside the restaurant.

It displays the excellence of Liguria’s wine production and promotes taste and sales of the wine produced in our region.

It is possible to taste and directly purchase wine at the market.

The original feature about this innovative project is that it is a venue where people can exchange their experiences, a square inside the square which aims to involve citizens with cultural events, exhibitions and educational workshops on topics such as healthy diet and recycling.

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