Genoa Travel Guide

Ideas and tips for your holiday in Genoa and Ligurian Riviera

Things to see in Genoa

Routes and video tours

Visit Genoa on foot. Unusual itineraries to discover the Old Town, its narrow alleys and its palaces. Nervi and the seaside, the most famous places to visit in Genoa like Strada Nuova, San Lorenzo cathedral, Porto Antico and Aquarium. Here is a wide range of routes connecting the city’s alleys, the city centre and all Genoa’s districts, but also “out-of-town” visits to the villages in the Riviera

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking paths in Genoa and its province, boat trips to the Riviera’s most beautiful places like Camogli, Portofino, San Fruttuoso and as far as Cinque Terre

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Genoa Nightlife

The old city is the heart of Genoa's nightlife, offering a wide range of cocktail bars and clubs. In the summer season, it moves to the seaside

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Beaches in Genoa

Genoa and its province offer beautiful beaches. From east to west, from the city to the most delightful Riviera's beaches

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Genoa for Kids

The best things to do in Genoa with kids

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What to eat in Genoa

Genoa is famous all over the world for Pesto. This green sauce reaches its best when paired with trofie, gnocchi or lasagna. Talking about pasta, we cannot forget Pansoti with walnuts sauce and Ravioli with “tuccu” sauce. Genoese Focaccia, Recco’s Cheese Focaccia and Farinata are others typical foods, like Stockfish and Genoese Cima

Typical Genoese dishes. Tips and recipes

Museums of Genoa

Palazzi dei Rolli

Villas and Parks

History of Genoa

Genoa, the old city and the port

The glorious past of the “Superb city”, the Republic and the fascist age, bombardment and post-war real estate speculation. The port and the Lighthouse. A collection of articles discovering the Genoa from the past. A guide to the history of Genoa, streets and palaces, old districts, events and people that left a mark in Genoa’s soul and personality

Genoese singer songwriters

Genoa and jeans

The port’s fabric which conquered America

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Ligurian Cousine and Curiosity

A journey among traditions and legends

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Brothels in Genoa: history and curiosity

This was the time when Genoa was a Mariner Republic, they were named candle women because the duration and fee of their performance was determined by a notch etched on a candle...

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Belin, belina, belinone!

Discover the most famous words in Genoese dialect

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