Montemaggio Restaurant Valle Scrivia GenovaMontemaggio Restaurant – Valle Scrivia

A family-run business since 1892, the restaurant is located in the middle of the green areas surrounding Monte Maggio, Valle Scrivia.

The cuisine is made of natural local products, while the same family has run the restaurant through four different generations.

It can be reached on foot if you walk along the Salt Way or the CAI path or by train on the famous Trenino di Casella departing from the centre of Genoa.

If you want to keep trekking, from the restaurant you can walk along a path leading to the natural environment of Monte Antola.



Appetizer: homemade salami, veal with tuna sauce, dressed cheese, uova con maionese.
Pasta: ravioli, taglierini (pasta) and cornmeal mush with gravy, mushrooms sauce, boar meat sauce, pesto sauce, sausage sauce.
Main courses: roast, boar, escalopes, donkey, fried lamb, stockfish on request.
Dessert homemade dessert: Speciality: pudding and liquor

Menu 1: from tuesday to friday (only for lunch): pasta, main courses , ½ l. water. ¼ wine, dessert offered by restaurant: euro 10
Menu 2: pasta, main courses, bottle of wine, bottle of water, dessert offered by restaurant : euro 15
Menu 3: 4 appetizers, 2 plastes of pasta, 2 main courses, bottle of wine, bottle of water, dessert offered by restaurant: euro 22
Costumise menù: on request