la-berlocca-forno-a-legnaLa Berlocca – historical centre

La Berlocca is a restaurant and wine bar offering traditional Ligurian and Italian cuisine. It uses top quality ingredients: local fish, meat, and cheese coming from local producers and national farms.

Products are carefully selected and prepared with attention to simplicity and authenticity. Local and family recipes are used along with a wide range of excellent wines.

Ready homemade cuisine is offered: bread, focaccia, fresh and filled pasta and exquisite pudding.

The friendly, simple and welcoming furniture as well as the ancient wood oven, which offers rustic firing in a cosy environment, create the typical warm atmosphere of an ancient restaurant that is still alive inside the city’s historical centre.

The restaurant has two air-conditioned rooms with about ten tables and around thirty available seats. Reservations are welcome.

Customised menus are prepared on special occasions. The Restaurant can be reserved.

Berlocca’s traditional stone tavern has been obtained from an old underground tank. It offers a wide selection of Ligurian wines coming from the best farms in the region and an accurate choice of national wines coming from certified taverns which can easily be matched with the meals on the menu.

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