Gabbianella e il Matto BoccadasseLa Gabbianella e il Matto – Boccadasse

With an experience of over 30 years, Chef Antonio Amato has opened a small, quiet restaurant close to Boccadasse so as to pamper customers as if they were in his own house.

Fresh, top quality ingredients varying from one season to another will be served alongside original, tasty dishes matched by Italian and foreign wines, bread, pasta and homemade desserts.

The matching of food and music changes from one time to another according to the chef’s tastes.

Dogs are welcome.


Gabbianella e il Matto restaurant GenovaPumpkins cream with squid, leek and almond 13.00 €

Pearl barley soutè with mussels and beans 12.00 €

Chickpea soup with prawn tail 12.00 €

Pappardelle with marjoram, mussels and tosted pine nuts 13.00 €

Mandilli de saea (typical genoese pasta) wit pesto sauce, potatoes and green beans 12.00 €

Salted coldfish with candied red onion  20.00 €

Steer liver saltato in padella con vellutata di mele 16.00 €

Duck breast 19.00 €

Chocolate mousse with wafer and caramel 7.00 €

Dark chocolate tasting (grand cru and rum )   8.00 €

Peach or macaroon sorbet  4.00 €

Pastiera 7.00 €