chiapparino-woodChiapparino – Uscio

Imagine a sultry day or one of those nights when sultriness and humidity put you off eating. Not too far from you, you will find someone who is having lunch or dinner in the open air while tasting the delicacy of Ligurian cuisine, only 10 kilometers away from the Recco motorway exit, on the way to Uscio.

You will only have to get in the car and head for our green woods, spot our wooden sign, park the car and go downstairs. You are going to be immersed in a relaxing countryside atmosphere.

The best dishes of traditional Ligurian cuisine will be delicious to taste. They will range from homemade pasta mixed with typical sauces from Liguria  to second courses and pudding.

After a good coffee, you can just chill out under our gazebo surrounded by vegetation and you will realise that coming to see us will have turned out to be a very good idea.