Villa Gruber De Mari

The Villa includes a panoramic terrace and a large park with children's games and an area for dogs

Villa Gruber De Mari is located in the Castelletto district (go to route 7); it was built in the second half of the sixteenth century by the noble De Mari family in the area between the Sant’Anna and San Rocchino climbs.

In the mid-nineteenth century it was sold to the Austrian industrialist Gruber, subsequently around 1930 it passed to the Perrone Society, which proceeded with the subdivision of a substantial part of the park for the construction of elegant residential buildings.

It finally became the property of the Municipality of Genoa, which designated the remaining part of the park for public use, today a large green space of 13,500 m².

Villa Gruber De Mari, in neoclassical style, includes the tower of the original building, dating back to the 16th century, a pediment decorated with bas-relief and pilasters and capitals in Ionic style, an Art Nouveau building built at the beginning of the twentieth century, a panoramic terrace and a large park in the English style among tree-lined bushes.

Corso Solferino 25, Genova

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