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Black Widow Records – historical centre

Black Widow records

Black Widow Records is a music producer and shop created in 1990, it lists over 150 Italian and international productions.

Renowned bands like Delirium, a legendary Genoese band, stand out from the list, as well as Il Tempio delle Clessidre, an up-and-coming Italian prog rock band, Cerchio d’Oro,  Segno del Comando,  L’Impero delle Ombre,  The Black  (italian doom metal),  Antonio Bartoccetti ( Jacula),  Antonius Rex,Paolo Siani, Nuova Idea Castles, wings stories and dreams with  Ricky Belloni, Giorgio Usai, Rob Tirantii, Joe Vescovi (Trip) and Mauro Pagani (ex PFM).

The shop, situated in Via del CampoGenoa’s music street, is mainly specialised in psychedelic and progressive music, hard rock, folk, dark, punk, and refuses to follow any sort of commercial trend whilst focusing on quality and consistency of rock.

Hundreds of original albums which would normally be difficult to source can be found here as well as reprinting, cds, dvds, fanzines and music books.

The promotion and distribution work done by Black Widow records for bands from all over the world, among which Blue Dawn from Genoa are worth mentioning, is huge. Over the last few years their worldwide distribution area and export have noticeably widened: their presence is more and more pervasive in specialised shops all over the world.

For example, during a concert at La Claque performed by Spettri and the legendary Gleemen from Genoa, a Japanese promoter was fascinated by the extraordinary talent of the bands and was keen to promote them in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Black Widow Records has been given the artistic direction of the FIM festival.

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