Ice cream parlour Siculo

Ice cream parlour Siculo Genova
Ice cream parlour Siculo

Ice cream parlour Siculo – Foce

It is an artisanal ice cream shop, in the city from more than 40 years.

They offer more than 60 flavors prepared with natural product without additives or colorants.

Creams, Sicilian cassata, sicilian cannoli, granitas and fruit sorbets. Peculiar flavors such as beer, rose and honey are also offered

Quinto Beach

  A seaside kiosk on one of Eastern Genoa’s most popular beaches and a summer nightlife centre. It is open night and day and offers aperitifs, sangria, cocktails, sandwiches and ice creams

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Jalapeno – Historical centre It is located at the very heart of Genoa’s centre, at the entrance hall to one of the Rolli palaces. Jalapeno’s dishes take all the tastes

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