strakkino-genova-logoStrakkino – Center

Strakkino is  new presence in Genoa. At the very heart of the city, Strakkino focuses on offering the most sought after Ligurian recipes, among which cheese focaccia.

Absolute priority is given to Italian handicraft with the aim to provide the best possible quality.

The atmosphere is lively and comfortable. Strakkino is run by five young people who have set out to open shops selling Ligurian specialities in Europe, especially in London and Prague.

At Strakkino, all different tastes can be satisfied. It offers delicious Ligurian dishes that will be costumised by using the clients’ favourite ingredients: cheese focaccia, filled focaccia Moreskina, Taskina and Romanetti donought.

Preparation is quick, ingredients are of top quality. Home delivery is possible in order to taste food delicacies in the office or in the open air on sunny days at lunch or dinner.