vasetti-pesto-bottega-del-pestoBottega del Pesto – Nervi

True Genoese pesto is found at Bottega del Pesto.

Homemade products are made with top class ingredients. Basil is used within 24 hours from the time of picking, which makes the final product unique.

Along with Genoese pesto, you will also find the famous walnut sauce and other homemade specialties, jam, honey, olives taggiasche, salt anchovies, oil, fresh and dry pasta.

Bottega del Pesto offers customised packages and party favours for a special present or to celebrate an important event.

Rediscover taste!

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Pesto sauceglass jar 90/180/ 280/ 500 grammes

Pesto sauce plastic jar 150/200 grammes

Walnut sauceglass jar 80/170 grammes

Walnut sauce –  plastic jar 150 grammes