Bicu Porto AnticoBicu Birrai in Cucina – Porto Antico

Bicu Birrai in Cucina is not just a restaurant always keeping its kitchen open until late 365 days a year. It is also a factory of home brewed beer.

A selection of seven different home-brewed types of beer suitable for any event is available. Akiropita, a fresh, fragrant, refreshing, Genoese basil-infused beer cannot be missed.

It is ideal for a lunch break with colleagues, having a cocktail at a place overlooking the sea or having a night out with friends in the sign of good food and home made beer.

It has always been a favourite destination for locals and tourists thanks to its enchanting location at Porto Antico. It has very good facilities and provides a perfect environment for families and the Kids menu for children.

A multipurpose menu is available, which combines the tradition of Ligurian and Italian cuisine with beer specialities.

From glazed schnitzel à la Mathias, chicken à la Joanna and vienna sausages from South Tyrol, to pasta De Cecco first courses; from grilled and raw meat, to certified home made beef hamburger, fresh vegetables and Italian cheese. Fried dishes cannot be missed. They are light, not greasy and can easily be digested, with huge cutlets, fish & chips and fried chicken; pizza also has to be tasted. Two types of dough rising are used; the square one, tall and crunchy, and the round one, thin and crisp. International and beer cocktails are also available. They are served with delicious snacks.

It is open at lunch and dinner, 365 days a year.

Eat, drink, love is the philosophy of the brand, putting people at the centre. Three words, three experiences. This is Bicu!